FEATURE: don't display new/unread notification for muted topics (PR #9482)

Currently, even if user mute topic, when a new reply to that topic arrives, the user will get “See 1 new or updated topic” message. After clicking on that link, nothing is visible (because the topic is muted)

To solve that problem, we will send background message to all users who recently muted that topic that update is coming and they can ignore the next message about that topic.


No need to post per user messages, instead publish to a /muted-topics channel and when you publish the message specify the user ids as a param

This saves a lot of message bus work

in general Date.now() is best for usages like this.

I prefer to look at last user activity … join the users table looking at last_seen_at

When you muted matters a lot less vs when you were last around.

In fact I would filter out all users that have not been seen in the last 7 days as well.

move the if here, no need to create the object if you have no user_ids.

shouldn’t it run this unconditionally? always do a cleanup run when you track a new muted topic?

except for minor comment here on cleanup run, I think this is good to merge, lets let one more person review this.

          .findBy("topicId", data.topic_id)

Does message_bus guarantee that messages on different channels arrive in exactly chronological order? Using two different channels and relying on the order smells like a possible race condition to me :thinking:

Could we put the muted message on the regular /latest channel, but scoped to a set of users, and with a different payload? That way, we guarantee that the “muted” message will arrive before the “new topic” message.

Does message_bus guarantee that messages on different channels arrive in exactly chronological order?

It does, we have a global channel that takes care of that, but yeah cutting out a subscription here makes sense, just feed it in via latest

I don’t think it is necessary. When you mute topic, you will receive 2 messages. First “muted-topic” will just add that topic to an array of muted topics. Second message “latest”, will filter muted topics and decide if the message should be processed or not.

If we filter on “muted” message as well we will do it twice in a very short time and “latest” is a more important message because if you unmute topic you will not receive “muted” message anymore.

aha… ok lets refactor a bit, I feel this method is doing a bit too much work…

if (data.message_type == "muted") {


if (isMutedTopic(data.topic_id)) {

a lot more verbose, but significantly less full of side effects so it is far simpler to reason about

Looking good :+1: