FEATURE: extend widget-dropdown to accept disabled option (PR #13020)

The widget should accept the disabled option. In that case, CSS class “disabled”. In addition, after click dropdown will not be shown.


The title of this pull request changed from “FEATURE: extend widget-dropdown to accept disable option” to "FEATURE: extend widget-dropdown to accept disabled option

can we keep the same style as the line above please? (I don’t mind this style, but I would prefer consistency).

can we have some compound property here ?

something like “isDropdownVisible” which would check for !disabled and opened

@jjaffeux thank you for review. I added one more thing. I changed strategy from “fixed” to “absolute”. It is solving weird bug I experienced. Sometimes when you are unlucky, dropdown is in a wrong place (popper calculation is incorrect). With absolute it works fine.

What do you think about changing that strategy?

Yes we can go with this, I will eventually go with details/summary here too anyways