Feature/Fix: Flagged posts user notifications (PR #8041)


  • FIX: User should get notified when a post is deleted
  • FEATURE: Notify posters when restoring flagged posts


The PostDestroyer looks for pending reviewables associated with the post (It’ll never find one in this case) and tries to act on them. This logic is correct when manually deleting a post that was flagged, but it won’t work when calling the destroyer from a reviewable action.

The destroyer now receives the reviewable object to get some context and directly notify the poster without trying to act again on the reviewable.

Also, a new PM will be created when disagreeing with the reviewable.


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      title: "Flagged post restored by staff"

We usually prefer checking that the job that was queued is the one we’re actually testing (example: d7f6d37a985a3e6233d4285f7d55c9e14905e552).

Same here ^^