FEATURE: Group category permissions tab (PR #10388)

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The title of this pull request changed from “Group permissions” to "FEATURE: Group category permissions tab

Looks quite nice for a first attempt.

export default Controller.extend();

This is quite a few more lines than creating a const PERMISSION_DESCRIPTIONS = { 1: 'full', 2: 'create_post, 3: ... } then doing return I18n.t("permission_types." + PERMISSION_DESCRIPTIONS[key]);

user-content is a weird class name for something related to a group

Curious why this is necessary? By default we bootstrap the app if the request is not an XHR and don’t need to render anything specific.

        none: "There are no categories associated with this group."
        description: "Members of this group can access these categories:"

super trivial but I’d remove this blank line.

This is just the class all the group views use for the section




It must not be :slight_smile:

sounds good. I just moved the function to export it, but it is a good opportunity to refactor :+1: