FEATURE: history for policy plugin (PR #8)

Policy plugin needs proper audit log - dev topic. We need to know when the user accepted the policy, rejected policy or policy expired.

There is a lot of changes, so I tried to organise commits into a logical structure. I think the best way to review that pull request is checking individual commits.


one small change here… the word “log” kind of indicates this contains some non critical data, but without the log you can not even tell who has a policy accepted.

Maybe call this user_policies or policy_users, its a bit clearer that way it is critical data.

Overall the design looks great to me.

@SamSaffron thank you for your feedback, fixed :slight_smile:

lets run this by hand without reaching into rails, just in case PostCustomField is somehow renamed in future.

delete from post_custom_fields where name = 'PolicyAcceptedBy' should do the trick.

barring my last comment I think we are good here. I guess we deploy this on dev and see how we go!