FEATURE: In slow mode dialog make "Enabled Until" mandatory (PR #12701)


maybe you could have a computed property durationIsSet this way we avoid having so many arguments here, more than 3 is kinda a code smell

@jjaffeux I’m not sure about this naming, does this look good to you?

The reason I’ve changed it is that there is no Save button on the modal dialog. This property is used to disable submitting during a request to the server.

@jjaffeux Sorry I’ve reverted the last commit. It makes the problem with naming a bit worse. I propose to leave the current naming now even though it’s not ideal.

I want to provide later a little fix of the behavior of this form and I will fix naming at the same time.

I’ve fixed this.

great, now I think you can use `import { or } from “@ember/object/computed”;``

durationIsSet: or("hours", "minutes", "seconds"),

I think it should work