FEATURE: make future-date-input consistent with other components and customizable (PR #12985)

From a user perspective

  • it fixes Suspension Time Frames Incorrect. If a user chooses “Next Month” the date will be exactly in a month from now
  • all other aspects remain the same, every future-date-input will proceed to show the same list of options and will work as before

Under the hood

  • future-date-input now uses the same time presets as time-shortcut-picker does
  • future-date-input now has the same default options as time-shortcut-picker does (well, almost the same)
  • now it’s possible to provide custom options to future-date-input
  • some old settings of future-date-input was removed (either they weren’t in use either in favor of a new customOptions setting)
  • some dynamic magic that future-date-input had (like hiding Next Week option on Sundays) is still working as before

Backward compatibility

Only one plugin uses future-date-input, and it doesn’t use removed options. So it’ll proceed working but it will be showing new defaults now.


@jjaffeux tests with fake time still could be flaky. But I’ll be monitoring it after the merge and I will skip them and deal with them in case of problems.

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I’m closing this. This work got too outdated. I’ll open another PR with these changes later.