FEATURE: New post editing period for >= tl2 users (PR #8070)

  • Adds a new setting and for tl2 editing posts (30 days same as old value)
  • Sets the tl0/tl1 editing period as 1 day


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You’ve signed the CLA, rimian. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

Is there a relevant meta discussion for this change? I’m looking for some context here.

See Spam bots tricking Discourse filter by editing - support - Discourse Meta

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Sorry, I am not sure where to reference things and where to put the context just yet. I’ll clear that up before my next PR :slight_smile:


Yeah a quick link in the PR is always a good idea cause there are many of us, but really not a huge deal.

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can we avoid shared_examples, I think it just confuses stuff. makes the specs a bit harder to follow.

Maybe update_columns should do the trick it avoids a bunch of callbacks making the spec a tiny bit faster.

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Overall the change looks good to me! minor changes to the specs and we should be good to merge.


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