FEATURE: Open the edit bookmark modal when clicking on the topic level bookmark button (PR #13407)

If you click on a bookmark in the post stream you get an Edit Bookmark modal. This does not happen if you click the topic bookmark button:


We want to open the Edit modal too if there is only one bookmark on a topic (it doesn’t matter on the first post or not). The other behaviour if there are > 1 bookmarks in the topic is to prompt the user to confirm delete of all the bookmarks in the topic will stay as-is.

I have done some refactoring in this PR, and still, there is a place for improvement. For example, we don’t call post.deleteBookmark() method when deleting several bookmarks. I just don’t want to refactor too much in one PR.

Every step of refactoring is in a separate commit and the actual implementation in its own commit.


what would make it possible to not have opts here ?

Looks great :+1:

Nothing in this case. I’ve removed it.