FEATURE: Order pinned topics by their `pinned_at` column (PR #14090)

Currently, pinned topics are ordered by the bumped_at column. However, this behavior is not desired because it gives admins no control over the order of pinned topics. This PR makes pinned topics ordered by the pinned_at column. A topic that is pinned last appears first in topic lists. If an admin wants an already pinned topic to appear first in the list of pinned topics, they’ll have to unpin that topic and pin it again.

Meta topic: How do I set the order of pinned topics - #23 by sam - feature - Discourse Meta.


The title of this pull request changed from “FEATURE: Order pinned topics by their pinned_at timestamp” to "FEATURE: Order pinned topics by their pinned_at column

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Would reorder() work instead of unscope().order()?