FEATURE: save local date to calendar (PR #14486)

It allows saving local date to calendar. Modal is giving option to pick between ics and google. User choice can be remembered as a default for the next actions.


hmm why is Region so much huger than Calendar?

Also let’s add some help text that explain that setting cause it is a bit confusing

Styling wise, I would mute “add to calendar” maybe use the light grey there?

I noticed this initializer is getitng quite big. We might want to break it up into another file at some point.

I would prefer a more descriptive name here please, perform is hard to grep

wrap this in a span please

I don’t like much these

without any class

shouldn’t we have this here:

    window.open(link, "_blank", "noopener,noreferrer");

downloadCalendar maybe?

Other than test failures it looks good to me. Excited to try this, thanks :+1:

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