FEATURE: Set custom document title separator (PR #9815)

This PR

  • Adds document_title_separator setting to update the title separator to enable different types of SEO titles, for example: Test Topic | Discourse. Defaults to " - ", as it was before.
  • Adds locale option for this new option

Note about tests

I’ve tried to write a meaningful test for this new option, but because the qunit creates it’s own titles I coudn’t verify in the test that this option applyis. qunit titles are separated with commas, for example: Test Topic,Qunit Discourse Test.


hi, thanks. Can you tell why you think being able to customise this is important?

Sorry for the huge delay here. I am a bit mixed here.

@coding-horror is this a level of configurability you want admins to have? If not we are going to need to expose this as a plugin extension instead.

@zcuric recommend you open a topic on meta to discuss this.

This pull request has been mentioned on Discourse Meta. There might be relevant details there:


As per discussion on Discourse Meta, closing this PR.