FEATURE: Show a confirmation modal when "Dismiss all" would dismiss an important notification (PR #14935)



Some useful input would be if the modals have a standard with regards to titles, bodies, and buttons. The style guide doesn’t seem to have an opinion.

Oh sorry but you can use a bootbox.confirm for this, see:

Looks great, you just need to change to bootbox :slight_smile:

Then you can delete the other modal stuff you have added.

Here is where you can do bootbox.confirm

@nattsw You have a linting issue (which is in the template you are removing), but these lints should be run in a pre-commit hook, did they not run for you? See .git/hooks/pre-commit

We probably need some docs for our git hooks. :thinking:

Just a weird test finding when using the bootbox vs a modal:

When creating 2 tests in sequence, using a regular modal doesn’t result in test contamination if opening the modals in both tests

But for the same 2 tests, using bootbox results in test contamination for the second test if the first test’s bootbox wasn’t closed. So we have to be mindful and close it after we’re done with it here.

confirm dismiss notifications modal using a bootbox

It seems the bootbox renders weirdly for iPhone X? I’ll probably spend more time looking at the other occurrences and see if it’s the same.

This is a nitpick more than anything, sorry I didn’t notice yesterday, but we don’t need to use ember’s .get for single properties like this, only chained properties. e.g. currentUser.get("options.some_other_thing")

LGTM :slight_smile: