FEATURE: Sort search by oldest bumped topic (PR #11534)

The new ‘order:oldest’ qualifier will return posts in topics that have gone the longest without any new posts, using the bumped_at field. This can be used in conjunction with other search terms and operators (e.g. status:open) to create a cycling work queue.

Requested on Meta: Add "orderdesc" modification to advanced search - #5 by chadwhitacre - feature - Discourse Meta


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any better copy suggestions for this?

This is OK imo

one sec, there is “oldest topic” and “oldest post” … both are different. And then there is all this complex sorting on bumped date.

We can not call this thing order:oldest … cause the expectation is that it would be the reverse of order:latest which it is not.

Maybe order:last_update but then again … why do people want this level of fidelity.

I guess I am OK to implement order:oldest and order:oldest_topic but UI wise I am not 100% certain how many extra options to add:

Maybe we add it with no UI for now? Not sure… this is so rarely asked for.

The end goal is a search query that looks like this: #todo status:open order:oldest_update - some positive filter, some exclusion, oldest bumped.

I worry about explaining this to end users, we have “Latest Post” / “Latest Topic” and now an additional “Latest Update”… and all of these also in reverse … this is a mountain of explaining to do.

closing this one for now… I feel we need to discuss the feature first on dev/meta.