FEATURE: Support for publishing topics as pages (PR #9364)



Noted thanks!

Good catch! Amazed I missed this.

This does not return the full URL with protocol and such.

I thought of this but I considered in the future we might be publishing other things and I didn’t want to “lock in” to a topic just yet.

For now the extra data for the key is minimal and I think is OK.

So tried it this morning, and first as I said in chat this is very cool, I absolutely love the simplicity of this :heart: I can’t think of a simpler workflow.

I noticed a small issue, when adding a space at the beginning of my slug, it’s not considered invalid:

Screenshot 2020-04-08 at 09 17 10

And then when I will try to save it, it will say slug is taken.

I was also wondering, if we should handle category/tags ? at least optionally.

Another question I have is about duplicating content which is a very bad thing in SEO, we should have a story on this. As today we could have a public topic and a public CMS page with the same content.

@coding-horror I added a section on top of the topic for staff members, that was a good call.

@jjaffeux I fixed that weird bug. I also added a rel=“canonical” link to the page so that google will know the topic is the source. As for showing categories/tags I think we should investigate that in a follow up that perhaps allows users to customize the template.