FEATURE: the ability to search users by custom fields (PR #12762)

When the admin creates a new custom field they can specify if that field should be searchable or not.

That setting is taken into consideration for quick search results.


I recommend every boolean should be null: false since it just causes problems and is basically the same as false.

This is adding a fair amount of work to every search - at least one extra query plus a join.

Suggestion: Add the custom field to the user_search_data via SearchIndexer, then you get this free?

Is there any simple way to show the custom field as well, when you have a user hit? That way it would say city: Sydney and the user will be a lot less confused about why this pops up.

One trick you can use here to avoid this endless list of tracked properties:

flags(userField) {
  // userField.required ...

can you wrap the I18n in a span please?