FEATURE: Uppy image uploader with UppyUploadMixin (PR #13656)


Forgot to add the drag and drop plugin to the bundle in the initial PR

I moved these lines and the type guesser to validateUploadedFile because it is acting on a single file…I think in future we just get rid of validateUploadedFiles because it only operates on the first file in the array too (this looks to be because of how jquery file uploader structures its files)

Likewise this will be able to be deleted in the future once we aren’t using JQFU

See related change to upload_controller.rb

jQuery file uploader does this magically, we need to handle it for uppy (unless we want the whole UI dashboard ultra loot box experience that you can get from uppy)

This is exactly the same as the normal image-uploader template

This is the only difference from the regular image-uploader component

curious, why do we need a different param here?

Can you take a look at the comments I left above please? I addressed this there.