FIX: Allow us to call `script_asset_url` in controllers

FIX: Allow us to call script_asset_url in controllers

Without this patch fingerprinting was not applied in production.

diff --git a/app/controllers/bootstrap_controller.rb b/app/controllers/bootstrap_controller.rb
index e9e0e82..146e892 100644
--- a/app/controllers/bootstrap_controller.rb
+++ b/app/controllers/bootstrap_controller.rb
@@ -2,7 +2,6 @@
 class BootstrapController < ApplicationController
   include ApplicationHelper
-  include ActionView::Helpers::AssetUrlHelper
   # This endpoint allows us to produce the data required to start up Discourse via JSON API,
   # so that you don't have to scrape the HTML for `data-*` payloads
diff --git a/app/helpers/application_helper.rb b/app/helpers/application_helper.rb
index c0dec69..4970b7d 100644
--- a/app/helpers/application_helper.rb
+++ b/app/helpers/application_helper.rb
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ module ApplicationHelper
   def script_asset_path(script)
-    path = asset_path("#{script}.js")
+    path = ActionController::Base.helpers.asset_path("#{script}.js")
     if GlobalSetting.use_s3? && GlobalSetting.s3_cdn_url
       if GlobalSetting.cdn_url

GitHub sha: da918ac4