FIX: back button (PR #130)


What was the error please?

What was the error please?

There was no error in the console.

Here is what was happening as I understand this. When we push this button we go from the route plugins/explorer?id=1 to plugins/explorer (without query param). It is said in docs for Ember 3.12 that query param values are sticky:

if you make changes to a query param and then leave and re-enter the route, the new value of that query param will be preserved (rather than reset to its default)

We were doing the transition without specifying query params:


According to the docs that should have lead to using the previous query param ?id=1 and transition shouldn’t have been hapenning. For some reason that wasn’t the case in the 3.12 version. But the transition doesn’t happen anymore in Ember 3.15, probably some bug was fixed.

It’s reproducible on Meta now: