Fix broken spec.

Fix broken spec.

diff --git a/config/locales/server.en.yml b/config/locales/server.en.yml
index b152f76..4ba98aa 100644
--- a/config/locales/server.en.yml
+++ b/config/locales/server.en.yml
@@ -2412,7 +2412,7 @@ en:
         This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.
         [details="Click to expand removed post"]
-        `‍`` markdown
+        `‍``markdown

GitHub sha: 27c42177

this is incorrect. CommonMark requires the space. Not having the space is incorrect.

The line with the opening code fence may optionally contain some text following the code fence; this is trimmed of leading and trailing spaces

I don’t think it actually requires the space since it trims it.

it’s still under discussion in the 1.0 spec as an unresolved issue

But single words should have the space.

so now I have to fix this again :imp:

@vinothkannans will have to spec that breaks if we revert this. The test is currently coupled to the content of the message.


we should not be using the no-space convention when specifying single word languages in code fences, I’ve updated relevant docs

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