FIX: bug with navigation to the activity/topics and the activity/read pages (PR #14182)

Under specific circumstances, navigation to these pages doesn’t work when developing locally (because of assertion), in production navigation works, but chances are that this problem causes some issues with updating content of topic lists on these pages.

Steps to reproduce

When running Discourse locally

  1. Firstly, go to the u/:username/messages page
  2. Then click the Activity tab
  3. Then click “Topics” on the left. This will open u/:username/activity/topics, but the topic list will be empty and there’ll be an error in the console:

The same can be reproduced for the activity/read page.

The problem is that we use the user-topic-list component on these pages, and this component calls the refresh action from the route:

The /messages route contains this action, but the activity/topics and the activity/read routes don’t. This PR adds this action to these routes.