FIX: Clarify None Needed option when editing bookmarks (PR #14633)

This commit makes the following change to the Edit Bookmark modal window for clarity:

  • If the user is editing an existing bookmark without a reminder set, hide the “none needed” option. This will draw more attention to the delete button.
  • If the user is editing an existing bookmark with a reminder set for the future, change the “none needed” option to say “remove reminder, keep bookmark”

To do this, I needed to provide an option to override the labels for time shortcuts in certain cases, so I could keep the NONE shortcut but have the different wording.

Editing a bookmark with no reminder:

Editing a bookmark with a reminder:


Would it make sense to just set option.label here? It would mean less repetition in the respective Handlebars template too.

You are right, for some reason I was thinking that changing the label would change it for all references, then I remembered I create a new object for the options each time via defaultShortcutOptions here: