FIX: Dismiss topics keyboard shortcut not working (PR #13260)

This issue is a result of FEATURE: Allow selective dismissal of new and unread topics (#12976) · discourse/discourse@7a79bd7 · GitHub, where the ID for the bottom Dismiss Topic buttons changed to dismiss-topic-bottom.

This issue only occurs when you have a list of topics that is small enough to fit in the viewport, and thus not show the Dismiss Topics button at the top of the list.


I guess we need some tests for our keyboard shortcuts.

@SamSaffron oh there was a test but it only checked if the top one was there which it always is in the tests…will do a follow up PR to address that

@SamSaffron followed up in DEV: Add more keyboard shortcut acceptance tests by martin-brennan · Pull Request #13280 · discourse/discourse · GitHub