FIX: Do not prevent other topic timers running on error (#13665)

FIX: Do not prevent other topic timers running on error (#13665)

There was an issue with the TopicTimerEnqueuer where any timer that failed to enqueue_typed_job with an error would prevent all other pending timers after the one that errored from running.

To mitigate this we just capture the error and log it (so we can still fix it if needed for bug crushing) and proceed with the rest of the timer enqueues.

The commit FIX: Remove legacy topic timer code by martin-brennan · Pull Request #13544 · discourse/discourse · GitHub highlighted this issue originally in hosted sites.

diff --git a/app/jobs/scheduled/topic_timer_enqueuer.rb b/app/jobs/scheduled/topic_timer_enqueuer.rb
index 7fa2889..67204c4 100644
--- a/app/jobs/scheduled/topic_timer_enqueuer.rb
+++ b/app/jobs/scheduled/topic_timer_enqueuer.rb
@@ -12,13 +12,15 @@ module Jobs
     every 1.minute
     def execute(_args = nil)
-      timers = TopicTimer.pending_timers
-      timers.find_each do |timer|
+      TopicTimer.pending_timers.find_each do |timer|
         # the typed job may not enqueue if it has already
         # been scheduled with enqueue_at
-        timer.enqueue_typed_job
+        begin
+          timer.enqueue_typed_job
+        rescue => err
+          Discourse.warn_exception(err, message: "Error when attempting to enqueue topic timer job for timer #{}")
+        end
diff --git a/spec/jobs/topic_timer_enqueuer_spec.rb b/spec/jobs/topic_timer_enqueuer_spec.rb
index b9f21ed..702353b 100644
--- a/spec/jobs/topic_timer_enqueuer_spec.rb
+++ b/spec/jobs/topic_timer_enqueuer_spec.rb
@@ -47,4 +47,9 @@ RSpec.describe Jobs::TopicTimerEnqueuer do
     Jobs.enqueue_at(1.hours.from_now, :close_topic, topic_timer_id:
+  it "does not fail to enqueue other timers just because one timer errors" do
+    TopicTimer.any_instance.stubs(:enqueue_typed_job).raises(StandardError).then.returns(true)
+    expect { subject.execute }.not_to raise_error
+  end

GitHub sha: c6f2459cc46c705e0ac26188c4b49565d3c1b908

This commit appears in #13665 which was approved by tgxworld. It was merged by martin.