FIX: don't show create topic suggestion to users who can't

FIX: don’t show create topic suggestion to users who can’t

Users with TL below the “min trust to create topic” setting used to see a prompt to create new topics in the footer message below the topic list. Those topics would never be submitted because those users don’t meet the TL requirements to create a new topic (based on that site setting). This PR removes that prompt for those users.

diff --git a/app/assets/javascripts/discourse/app/routes/build-category-route.js b/app/assets/javascripts/discourse/app/routes/build-category-route.js
index 58e5584..aa6da58 100644
--- a/app/assets/javascripts/discourse/app/routes/build-category-route.js
+++ b/app/assets/javascripts/discourse/app/routes/build-category-route.js
@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ export default (filterArg, params) => {
         category = model.category,
         canCreateTopic = topics.get("can_create_topic"),
         canCreateTopicOnCategory =
-          category.get("permission") === PermissionType.FULL,
+          canCreateTopic && category.get("permission") === PermissionType.FULL,
         filter = this.filter(category);

GitHub sha: 415c1bb9

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