[FIX] Don't show Sign Up button if local logins are disabled (PR #2657)


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  • [FIX] Don’t show Sign Up button if local logins are disabled

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Actually this morning I modified it so that the “button providers” for signing in are shown on the create account modal and the form isn’t. A site without logins can safely have two buttons.

If the whole point of having two buttons is to make it easier for people who don’t have a login to not be confused, maybe we shouldn’t accept this one?

So why is it that on discuss.newrelic.com, I have enable local logins unchecked, but the full form still shows? Shouldn’t the form be gone in that case?

Are you on the latest code? I deployed that fix this morning.

Ah it’s because we’re overriding the Create Account template. We handle both log in and sign up in the Login template, so we don’t need the Sign Up button. For now, I’m just using CSS to hide the Sign Up button altogether. Feel free to close this PR.

I’ll close this for now. We’ll keep the fix around in case we change our minds, but right now the feedback seems to be that having two buttons is less confusing to users than one :slight_smile: