FIX: flaky fix_query_id_spec because id conflict (PR #73)

This rake task is responsible for fixing broken ids - move them back to the original values - ones before migration to a separate table.

Rake task can only fix queries with unique names.

In the test, we are creating duplicated queries and using original_id 4. Spec is ensuring that after rake tasks valuation, queries id is different than 4

However, spec run in random order may create a query with id 4 and in that case, the spec would fail.

Therefore, when we create queries for test purpose, we should control what ids they are given to avoid conflict.


Probably worth adding a TODO note to junk this spec altogether in July 2021 which is ample time for people to have upgraded. We don’t really expect regressions in the migration nor do we even expect it to run and do anything after everyone is upgraded.