FIX: For API consumption it's easier if the lings are the full URL

FIX: For API consumption it’s easier if the lings are the full URL

diff --git a/app/serializers/reviewable_score_serializer.rb b/app/serializers/reviewable_score_serializer.rb
index d5e5425..8bb4d5e 100644
--- a/app/serializers/reviewable_score_serializer.rb
+++ b/app/serializers/reviewable_score_serializer.rb
@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ class ReviewableScoreSerializer < ApplicationSerializer
     if text = I18n.t("reviewables.reasons.#{object.reason}", default: nil)
       # Create a convenient link to any site settings if the user is staff
-      settings_url = "#{Discourse.base_uri}/admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter="
+      settings_url = "#{Discourse.base_url}/admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter="
       text.gsub!(/`[a-z_]+`/) do |m|
         if scope.is_staff?

GitHub sha: 74eaa5e7

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