FIX: Handle non-AWS S3 to local migration for assets that do not use upload: pseudo-protocl (PR #9809)


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@martin-brennan can you review this one please? Thanks!

@johnsonm thanks for submitting; I read your meta post and I have some idea of the context, but it would be good if you add a description of what you are trying to achieve here to the PR. I think your change here is sound and won’t break anything.

It would be great if you could make a minimal test to demonstrate what you are solving here. Take a look at spec/tasks/uploads_spec.rb which is a spec that shows how to test a rake task. To invoke the task you do this:

    def invoke_task
      capture_stdout do

I would feel more confident about merging once there is a test and a description.

Discourse is my introduction to ruby development, so I very much appreciate the pointer. I hate writing code without automated tests.

I don’t think a minimal test is really meaningful without adding some baseline coverage though. I’ll see what I can do!

I think that all the video uploads in my google+ import might have been broken when I tried to do it; it’s not at all clear to me that this PR is meaningful.

I have found examples that do need to be fixed in my migration, and the tests I added in the batch limit PR will help here.

There is an additional problem that UploadCreator is doing strange things with videos; with this broken, it happens that it will ignore them; with this problem fixed, it actually breaks the posts. It modified the post to:


It looks like new_upload.url isn’t right for a video. It’s definitely giving me /uploads/default/original/3X/b/a/ba9e06ebc2f4397f26793bb5cd4e169308dd371d.mp4 which is not a base URL.

This is replaced by #10093 which has many other fixes.