FIX: Improve image downsizing script (PR #9549)

Correctly handles more upload formats in posts, updates post custom fields, fixes more edge cases, adds debugging capabilities. (VERBOSE=1 and INTERACTIVE=1 flags)


Wow very cool. Should we run it again to test? Let’s do. I suggest someone else from the team run it and provide feedback to you?

Sure, feedback is always welcome! :smiley:

I did run the script on sites that needed their images resized pretty much at the every step of the development. And re-ran it again at the end. Two downsizing processes are still in progress. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is one of those PRs that’s super hard for me to review by eye. There are no tests which is OK because this is a script and we generally don’t have those.

I would just like to confirm that you have run this code many times locally and observed that it’s doing what it should be before merging!