FIX: Improvements to animated image pausing (PR #12839)

  • Adds pause/play icons in bottom/right corner
  • Pauses animated images automatically on blur
  • Resumes animated images when window focus returns
  • Pauses on load when OS has prefers-reduced-motion enabled

The icons are shown as follows:

Pause icon is shown for non-touch devices when users hovers over the animated image. Play icon is shown on all devices when animation is paused.


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Just a minor note, know that you can add/remove multiple classes at once:

div.classList.remove("foo", "bar", "baz");

we could probably remove these listeners in the teardown() hook of initializer for extra safety.

Am I missing something here? Indentation seems weird for what seems like a top level selector.

I suspect it’s because the selector is quite long (this was Prettier’s doing anyway).

The title of this pull request changed from “FEATURE: Improvements to animated image pausing” to "FIX: Improvements to animated image pausing