FIX - make Discobot new user tutorial a little more robust (PR #10497)

Plugin allows reply, regardless of other SiteSettings

Skip image upload step if user can’t upload images, calls new ‘likes’ step instead


      post_liked = PostAction.exists?(

Minor suggestion but it seems like we’re just checking for the existence here so we don’t need to create an ActiveRecord object.

Just curious, why do we need to monkey patch the original method?

If enable_system_message_replies is false and discourse_narrative_bot_enabled is true it seems to be possible to get in to a state where you can’t reply to the Discobot messages. So the following three lines essentially always allow replies to Discobot.

I think we should avoid the monkey patch for now. If an admin is going to disable PM and not enable SiteSetting.enable_system_message_replies, it is them intentionally breaking discobot. Maybe if that is the case, discobot shouldn’t even send out the initial message.