FIX: Modify frozen String and profile_db_generator uses category id (PR #8080)


I found two small bugs in profile_db_generator.

First one is related to script/profile_db_generator.rb:40:in sentence: can't modify frozen String (FrozenError). To solve that, I changed << to += to create a new String object.

The second one is related to that commit FIX: Consistently handle category param · discourse/discourse@373b8a2 · GitHub. Since that change, TopicCreator is expecting category param being Integer and don’t have a fallback to use the name anymore. To solve that, I changed profile_db_generator to pass id instead of a name.


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Oh… instead sentence = +"" then you keep the rest.

this looks good!

@SamSaffron nice trick to create mutable string, fixed

looks good to me :+1: thanks!