FIX: nil the baked version after moving the posts. (PR #14483)

Previously, quotes from original topics are rendered incorrectly since the moved posts are not rebaked.


This pull request has been mentioned on Discourse Meta. There might be relevant details there:

This is a little confusing to read because we’re try to test attributes of two different objects in a single change block. I’ll suggest changing to something like the following:

            .and change { p3.baked_version }.to nil
            .and change { p2.baked_version }.to nil 

I already tried it. Your code suggestion won’t work since it means nil.andchange { p2.baked_version }.to nil

I’m not sure I follow. Which baked_version will change here?

Both of them

            .and change { p2.baked_version }.to(nil)
            .and change { p3.baked_version }.to(nil)

O it is a syntax problem. Try the above instead :slight_smile: