FIX: no error when assigned post is deleted (#244)

FIX: no error when assigned post is deleted (#244)

When an assigned post is deleted, we should not error. For now, assignment object is left untouched to not lose information when post is undeleted.

We can change that behaviour later if we decide that assignments should be deleted as well.

diff --git a/plugin.rb b/plugin.rb
index 928b1a1..1f74e03 100644
--- a/plugin.rb
+++ b/plugin.rb
@@ -425,7 +425,7 @@ after_initialize do
   add_to_class(:topic, :indirectly_assigned_to) do
     return @indirectly_assigned_to if defined?(@indirectly_assigned_to)
     @indirectly_assigned_to = Assignment.where(topic_id: id, target_type: "Post").inject({}) do |acc, assignment|
-      acc[] = assignment.assigned_to
+      acc[] = assignment.assigned_to if

GitHub sha: 677d6a9aed775e252a09735bba5e50fcb64a2e0a

This commit appears in #244 which was approved by CvX. It was merged by lis2.