FIX: Overriding _MF texts didn't work for en_US

FIX: Overriding _MF texts didn’t work for en_US

diff --git a/lib/js_locale_helper.rb b/lib/js_locale_helper.rb
index 40c48aa..52a6c93 100644
--- a/lib/js_locale_helper.rb
+++ b/lib/js_locale_helper.rb
@@ -185,6 +185,8 @@ module JsLocaleHelper
   def self.find_locale(locale_chain, path, type, fallback_to_english:)
     locale_chain.each do |locale|
       plugin_locale = DiscoursePluginRegistry.locales[locale]
       return plugin_locale[type] if plugin_locale&.has_key?(type)

GitHub sha: aecadcb2

We might want some tests for that.

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I agree with @ZogStriP here, this could use a test.

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DEV: Add spec to find MF locale for en_US