FIX: prevent anonymous users from changing their email/username/name (PR #7311)


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Should admin be able to edit usernames for anon users as well?

If the model is not anonymous, should we be able to update the associated accounts?

Non-anonymous users are able to update associated accounts if other conditions are met

@SamSaffron, should admin still be able to edit email/username/name of anonymous users after the change?

I removed password and associated account from preferences and was thinking that it would make sense to disable editing of about/location/website/avatar as well to prevent anonymous account from being too personalized?

EDIT: Now that I think of it, either we need a migration that would “reset” anonymous users or allow admins to make changes…

ah icic. There are other conditions :+1:

I agree we should prevent any kind of customization for Anonymous users but still allow Admins to change anything they want.

@SamSaffron what do you think?

I think admins are fine to make changes here if they wish. I am merging this.