FIX: Prevent from creation of duplicated TopicAllowedUsers (PR #8169)

Something changed in Rails6 and now it behaves correctly. When we try to build a collection object with the same params it creates duplication which later we try to save.

Besides, building that object in the loop when we are doing the same thing 2 lines later is not necessary. (please extend file to see it)

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This is adding not this is the user associated with the post.

So instead, keep track of all the new users in a hash or array and do the addition the end.

users = {}
if ...  
     # allows for deleted users
     user = users[p.user_id] ||= User.find_by(id: p.user_id)
     if user

finally ensuring al these new users exist in topic allowed users...

You are right, my bad. What do you think of instead of building a hash of users, remove duplications just before creation?

does this fix it? Can you add a failing test case here?

@SamSaffron fixed -

OK lets give this a shot!