FIX: Quoting posts (PR #9378)

Fixes to the quote feature. Most important changes listed below:

  • FIX: Correctly attribute quotes when using Reply button
  • FIX: Correctly attribute quotes when using replyAsNewTopic
  • FIX: Allow quoting a quote
  • FIX: Correctly mark quotes as “full”
  • FIX: Don’t try to create a quote if it’s empty
  • DEV: Remove an obsolete method loadQuote It isn’t used in core anymore, the only use in core has been removed over 4 years ago in 3251bcb. It’s not used in any plugins in all-the-plugins and all references to it on GitHub are from outdated forks (“Post.loadQuote”&type=Code)


This seems good but you changed some internal module names like REGEXP to QUOTE_REGEXP. Did you grep through all the plugins/themes to make sure they are not used?

Same question for buildQuote

Nothing in all-the-plugins imports discourse/lib/quote, and there are no references to Quote object.