FIX: Reorder and hide topic timer options (PR #13597)

This PR changes the order of the topic timer options into a more logical order when the topic is open/closed.

Also, we are now hiding the “Schedule Publishing” option if the topic is not a private message or in a private category. It does not make sense to schedule publishing to a different category for a public topic.

Order when the topic is open:

Order when the topic is closed:


I think if a topic is “not visible” it can be a candidate for publishing. lets add that as well

curious, are we able to use I18n here to test for the full text instead of using a regexp here?

Minor but since this is UI related, I think it’ll be better if the description of the assertion is something like “publish to category is not displayed on public topics”. Technically, permissions are all handled server side.

Yep, done