Fix rounding issue with humane.js (i.e. 60 minutes) (PR #420)

Linked Meta topic: “24 hours” Timestamp Should Probably Be “1 day”

Simple rounding issue. I’ve just patched it in Discourse, but I’ll make a note to submit a PR to the source project as well.


You’ve signed the CLA, tms. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

one sec, this is in an external file, we should be patching it upstream, otherwise it will be wiped if we update.

Yeah, I made a note to submit a patch upstream when I get home. The project has very few updates though, so it shouldn’t be an immediate concern.

oops looks like this can no longer be merged in, can you rebase?

Hmm…it seems #392 removed humane.js altogether, so no sense in rebasing. I’ll check to see if there’s anything left to do.

Closing for now, I think the solution would be fairly different.