FIX: Show quoted images correctly. (PR #8391)

This commit attempts to fix two issues that affect quoted images.

The first issue is observed while loading. The ‘position: absolute’ CSS property makes ‘width’ and ‘height’ behave differently. Instead of using the known image size, this makes it use the computed width and height of the image, which should be the right size, as shown to the user.

The second issue is caused by ‘object-fit: cover’ property which trimmed the left and right sides of wide pictures to make them fit inside the quote.


You’ve signed the CLA, udan11. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

Does this climb the entire DOM tree up to the root? Maybe we should bail once we reach out of the post body?

I merged this for-loop with the previous one and made it stop when getting out of the post body.