FIX: Show required tags to staff by default and override limit (PR #13242)

This improves the display of available tags in categories that are configured to require at least (x) tags from a tag group.

There are two changes included:

  • regular users will now see all the available tags in the required tag group (previously they could see a max. of 5 tags)
  • staff users will now see the tags from the required tag group when the tag group contains more tags than the default limit (also set to 5)

Both changes only apply to the default query (i.e. no search terms).


Remove this duplicate test in favour of the one below “ignores required tags for staff when searching using a term”.

Typo here: “thans”

This was a dupe indeed, but I kept it to show the case for staff ignoring requirement when tag group has less than 5 tags (and query has no terms).