FIX: Software update prompt position on themes with extra header (PR #15094)

Same as FIX: Software update prompt position on themes with extra header by pmusaraj · Pull Request #15028 · discourse/discourse · GitHub, but here I am skipping the failing test instead of trying to fix it.

@Flink I think we should skip this test for now because it doesn’t actually test “sticky avatars when scrolling up”, rather it tests sticky avatars for tall posts. I confirmed this on main by removing the second scrollTo line in the test. It will still pass, because that specific post satisfied the “postContentHeight > windowheight - header height” condition. Also, because in tests the app does not take up the full window height, but is instead in a resized and zoomed-out container, the test has to scroll the container and not the window, which is not the same behaviour as the app. (I tried to fix this in the original PR, but ran into one stubborn issue with Firefox 78.)


Well it’s weird I’m pretty sure the scrollTo helper was firing the right events as we expected them for sticky avatars to work :thinking: For the scroll up part, maybe I did too much fiddling and I thought it was working because of the scroll up but in fact it’s just standard sticky avatars behavior :sweat_smile: Though we could simply rename the test as the idea was to have at least one test to prove the sticky avatars feature is working.

The problem is that with the header height calculation change, the test fails. I will eventually try again to get the app to run tests in full screen (see the many commits in #15028), that’s the only way to get any sort of reasonable test for sticky avatars, given that the functionality is tightly connected to header/window height.

Well ok, I guess we’ll try to fix this later then!