FIX: solution for pending migrations for bin/turbo_rspec (PR #8134)

Currently, if you try to run ./bin/turbo_rspec you will got that error There are pending migrations, run rake parallel:migrate

Reason for that is that command is running in development mode which includes plugins migration files in ActiveRecord::Migrator.migrations_paths:


A workaround solution would be to run the command with the TEST environment like RAILS_ENV=test ./bin/turbo_rspec

I want to propose in this PR to override migration_paths to check only Discourse core migrations.


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You’ve signed the CLA, lis2. Thank you! This pull request is ready for review.

Maybe this is a bit too harsh, maybe simply re-exec self if you launch turbo_rspec and ENV[‘RAILS_ENV’] is not test ? That way we can make turbo rspec work with plugins eventually if we want.

@danielwaterworth ?

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This definitely used to work - I guess it was broken by rails 6. It’s entirely reasonable for TurboTests::Runner to set RAILS_ENV since the rails environment isn’t loaded in the turbo_tests root process. In which case, we shouldn’t need to specify that we want the test configuration on line 80.

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We need to make some sort of call here, @danielwaterworth if you are uncomfortable with this hack feel free to close, if it is good enough for now merge it in :slight_smile:

Agreed, let’s not let perfect be the enemy of good.