Fix some flake (#2)

Fix some flake (#2)

To reproduce the flake on the parent of this commit:

bundle exec rspec --seed 33470

Some refactoring happened in commit 79195a7. That refactor nullified the global stub on File.write, which allowed these tests to write state to the filesystem and leak state across spec contexts.

diff --git a/spec/system_spec.rb b/spec/system_spec.rb
index 769b378..ace4ff2 100644
--- a/spec/system_spec.rb
+++ b/spec/system_spec.rb
@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ describe Mobystash::System do
     allow(mock_watcher).to receive(:shutdown!)
     allow(mock_writer).to receive(:stop)
     allow(mock_writer).to receive(:metrics).and_return({})
-    allow(File).to receive(:write)
+    allow(system).to receive(:write_state_file)
   describe "#reconnect!" do
@@ -246,6 +246,7 @@ describe Mobystash::System do
           expect(c1).to receive(:last_log_timestamp).ordered
           expect(c2).to receive(:last_log_timestamp).ordered
+          allow(system).to receive(:write_state_file).and_call_original
           expect(File).to receive(:open).with("./", File::WRONLY | File::CREAT | File::TRUNC, 0600).and_yield(mock_file = instance_double(File))
           expect(mock_file).to receive(:write).with(

GitHub sha: a2fdbf43

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This commit appears in #2 which was merged by SamSaffron.