Fix the URL of comment for image_optim fork [skip ci] (PR #12272)

The previous PR FEATURE: Timeout option for ImageOptim. by tgxworld · Pull Request #162 · toy/image_optim · GitHub was closed and a new PR FEATURE: Timeout option for ImageOptim. by oblakeerickson · Pull Request #189 · toy/image_optim · GitHub has been submitted.


CLA assistant check
Thank you for your submission! We really appreciate it. Like many open source projects, we ask that you sign our Contributor License Agreement before we can accept your contribution.
You have signed the CLA already but the status is still pending? Let us recheck it.

sorry @okuramasafumi we are not really allowed to look at the PR without a CLA, if CLA is a problem then I am sure @oblakeerickson can figure out what is wrong with our comment and sort it out.

sorry closing, I no cla :frowning: