FIX: Theme tests should work in production (PR #13333)

The ember_jquery bundle contains production builds of Ember and jQuery which doesn’t work with tests. This commits introduces a new theme_qunit_vendor bundle which is copy of the vendor bundle but doesn’t contain ember_jquery.

This commit is a partial revert of DEV: Remove `ember_jquery` in most situations (#13237) · discourse/discourse@409c858 · GitHub.


I understand the mistake I made removing this vendor, but is there still a reason to have two separate files? Could we move these exact lines into theme_qunit_tests_vendor? That would be closer to the front end pattern.

It used to be one big bundle like you described, but sadly we had to split it into two because the bundle got way too big and it caused OOM exceptions for some self-hosters who had servers with small amounts of memory (2 GB).

Ugh that makes sense because it’s debug.