FIX: Try to match advanced tutorial reset first (PR #8048)


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@xfalcox this could use more detail in the description. How does this fix a bug? What was the bug?

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Without this patch the trigger is broken on every language that uses substantive adjective instead of the english adjective substantive, which is a lot:

Advanced trigger is currently broken on:

  • ca
  • es
  • et
  • fr
  • he
  • it
  • pt_BR

And that is because the translation levels for the plugin are kinda low, so I would guess it’s broken for half the languages.

Since we have only two tracks for a while now, a quick fix to me is inverting the selectors.

This patch works because the advanced key is “larger” than the new user one.

Thanks that’s the context I was looking for :+1:

Now future explorers of this code will know why it was changed.