FIX: Update with notice about storage driver (PR #14572)

Not all serveres do use aufs|zfs|overlay2. For example some use vfs In that case the user is lost and does not know precisely what to do, despite the message given in the install error. A small heads up of how and where to edit the storage driver check should help (did help me) to efficiently proceed.


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The title of this pull request changed from “Update readme with notice about storage driver” to "FIX: Update readme with notice about storage driver

I don’t think I support this, vfs perf would be particularly bad and is not a supported environment

We can not be recommending people edit the source code in the README, if we want to support this we should allow it via a flag to launcher (which I think already exists, you can skip pre-req checks)

The title of this pull request changed from “FIX: Update readme with notice about storage driver” to "FIX: Update with notice about storage driver

Interestingly thou, it does not seem to be that important, by your own words:

We store nothing critical in AUFS or whatever storage driver you have going. All important data is stored on the host in the /var/discourse folder.

So I wonder what is so bad with vfs and why we cannot kindly inform the users how to fix this issue which happens with every second host out there unless it is digital ocean? I have spent several hours finding out how to “fix” this since I am not particularly versed with those drivers but “only” a PHP developer who literally never had to bother with this before. I need real reasons, not just “it is bad”, because my host, a very modern and capable Swedish service, uses it.

Also given your comment in above forum thread I do not think it is that important after all, and could at least be mentioned with more informative description somewhere. Does not need to be in the install MD file… could also be the message during install failure that tells what file to edit (it does say “edit it and find the line to fix yourself” or something like that)